Paperair by Filippo Perin

Paperair is a project leaded by Filippo Perin in collaboration with Italian designers such as Mauro Gatti, Ale Giorgini, Francesco Poroli, Nicola Ferraresede (among others). The project gathers 25 sneakers in paper. Creations mixing paper art, DIY & sneakers.

Pocket Printer by ZUtA Labs

Finally! Mobile printing is really here! A printer that goes where you go & prints from your phone on any size page! The future is now!
Check it HERE!


The worlds first weather forecast completely made out of paper. Can be seen in the streets of Shoreditch, London - a city that is without a doubt obsessed with it´s weather.

The Sound Of Taste ― An Interactive Poster

Schwartz brand (Herb & Spice) asked Print Tech, Novalia and ad agency Grey London to create an interactive poster on which each color of spices has a sound when we touch it thanks to a conductive ink.

Foldscope ― A Paper Microscope That Can Diagnose Malaria

Researchers at Stanford University have come up with a tiny origami microscope made from paper that can diagnose 20 infectious diseases, including malaria.
Created by Manu Prakash, James Cybulski and James Clements, the ‘Foldscope’ is comprised of greeting card paper, a spherical lens, an LED and diffuser panel, and a watch battery. It has a magnifying power of up to 2,000 times and costs between 50 cents and $3, depending on the type of ‘Foldscope’.

Paper Dresses by 4-Year Old Girl

Angie and her 4-year-old daughter, whom she only refers to as Mayhem, have found an awesome way to bond by creating creative paper dresses together and posting them on their blog – Fashion by Mayhem.


The dresses are made of paper, bags, tape, glue and other common household items. As a rule, they try to reuse as much of their materials as they can and try to spend money only on glue and tape.

The Paper Skin by Leica

Pseudo-3D Paper Bricks

As a visual trick, Nendo has designed ‘Paper-brick’, a set of paper blocks created as an insert for the japanese lifestyle magazine Pen. With the series of flat items, readers can create pseudo-3D objects by stacking and placing tricolor tabs, each visually described with depth and volume.

‘Paper-brick’ can also be enjoyed as a puzzle: if put together carefully, the pieces form one large cube, fitting together as a whole.

Paper: An Elegy by Ian Sansom


Paper: An Elegy
 is a history of paper in all its forms and functions. Both a cultural study and a series of personal reflections on the meaning of paper, this book is a timely meditation on the very paper it is printed on.


This beautifully designed work, printed on high-gloss stock and beautifully packaged interweaves cultural facts, the author’s own insights, anecdotes and black-and-white illustrations from around the world, from the ruminations of French Intellectuals to the Japanese art of Origami.

Great Paper Sculpture by Jeff Nishinaka

Jeff Nishinaka is greatly known for his stunning paper sculptures. Living in sunny California LA, Jeff has 28 years of professional experience. He creates amazingly detailed 3D renderings for both the fine and commercial arts. Nishinaka attended UCLA and graduated from the prestigious Art Center College of Design, there he discovered paper sculpture art. Ever since, Jeff has worked with companies suck as Sprint, Visa, Matel, Coca Cola, Paramount Pictures, and many more. Having a high client profile like that you can bet that Nishinaka is the go to guy whenever you need a paper sculpture done.
“Paper to me is a living breathing thing that has a life of its own. I just try to redirect that energy into something that feels animated and alive” said Nishinaka.
Check out his personal website:

Geometric Facial Landscapes by Aldo Tolino

By weaving, creasing and tucking the surface of a paper sheet, austrian artist Aldo Tolino creates geometric mutations of human portraits. The distortions generate new facial representations, expressions, and personalities, translating the original picture into a manipulated deformity. Polygonic shapes that are formed on the closed plane transform noses, eyes, and mouths into abstract configurations, composing sculptural reinterpretations of the flat medium. The three-dimensional portrayals reconsider paper as a material by rendering it as a structural artwork.

3D Paper Sculpture by Daryl Ashton

3D Geometric (white-on-white) - This multifaceted geometric design is a free standing three dimensional piece. It is made of sixteen 20-sided icosahedrons, which perch precariously on just 2 triangle faces. Note how the shadows play off of the white to give the illusion of shades of gray.

Sandpaper Objects by Mandy Smith

Mandy Smith works with photographer Bruno Drummond to bring to life this series of slightly uncomfortable creations. In a twist on her regular choice material Mandy has used a kind of paper more familiar to builders and DIY enthusiasts - sandpaper. 

Other innocuous everyday objects take on a new sense of menace in a series which balances a playful sense of humour with a slightly sinister undertone.

printstory: TV Commercial for Xerox 914

This legendary copy machine was launched in 1959 in Rochester, USA, by Haloid Company, known today as Xerox Corporation.

The Xerox 914 weighed nearly 650 pounds. It was the size of about two washing machines and was prone to spontaneous combustion.

BOICUT X mostlikely Limited Edition Paper Lampshade

The "mostlikely DIY lampshades" were founded 2012 by Maik Perfahl and Wolfgang List of the interdisciplinary design and architecture collective “mostlikely” based in Austria. The goal was to create complex objects at a low price that can be used as masks, posters, lampshades or something else. 


They met BOICUT at a trade show in Vienna and he came up with the idea of a collaboration. BOICUT made exclusive color designs for 10 of mostlikely DIY lampshades models. Exclusively available at